Company Policy

Environmental Policy Satement

Kent Demolition Company Ltd accepts both its legal and moral responsibilities in the protection and maintenance of the environment, and the appropriate management and use of resources.
The company aims to:
Where appropriate, exceed the relevant legal requirements.
Seek to reduce consumption of materials in our operations.
Reuse rather than dispose of materials whenever possible.
Promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.
Dispose of waste in a manner compliant with current legislation
Manage energy wisely in all operations.
Reduce wherever practicable the level of harmful emissions.
Minimize visual, noise and other impacts on the local environment during our operations as far as is reasonably practicable.
Keep those living and working in the environs of site informed as to the operations being carried out by the Company.
This shall be carried out in practice by:
The reuse or recycling, where possible, of fuel oils identified for disposal.
The crushing of rubble on site for use in new construction.
The use, wherever practicable, of electronic documentation.
All employees shall be fully briefed on this policy and its attendant procedures.

Quality Policy Statement

All at Kent Demolition Company Ltd are committed to providing our clients with a high quality of service from first contact through job planning to completion.
We continuously review our system/quality objectives in order to identify opportunities for improvement in documentation and on site service.
We will endeavor at all times to ensure:
Customer's requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner.
Documentation is complete and is delivered promptly.
Site set up is thorough and that all systems are compliant.
High standards of professionalism will be demonstrated by all Company staff.
Works will be carried out efficiently and with the minimum practicable disruption to those living and working in the vicinity.
Communications with the client, clients agent, external authorities, other contractors and the public at large will be concise and accurate.
Due respect will be given to all persons and property, at all times, by the Company's staff.
Sites will be left in a tidy and orderly fashion on completion of works.
Records will be retained on all works carried out for a minimum of 5 years.
All at Kent Demolition Company Ltd understand this policy and are expected to develop and maintain an attitude of continual quality improvement within their respective area of responsibility.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Kent Demolition Company Ltd recognises and accepts in full its responsibilities and duties, so far as is reasonably practicable for the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees, clients and the public at large, who may come into contact with the company's services. The company further recognises its duties to comply with current legislation relating to Health and Safety at Work.

The objective of the Company's Policy, as a fundamental part of its Health & Safety Management System is to prevent, so far as it is reasonably practicable during the course of the work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence which may directly or indirectly result in:

  1. Injury or occupational ill-health to any person.
  2. Damage to or loss of any plant, equipment or property,
  3. Adverse impact upon the environment.

The Company aims to provide and maintain, a safe and healthy working environment for it's employees and a safe and healthy environment for those who may come into contact with its operations, and to provide all relevant information in a clear and concise form.

This shall be carried out by:

  1. Providing suitable and sufficient risk assessments and control measures for risks identified in the operations carried out by the Company.
  2. Providing and maintaining plant and equipment in a safe and effective condition.
  3. Consulting with our employees on matters which may affect their health and safety.
  4. Ensuring all employees are competent to carry out the tasks they are assigned, and to use the specified equipment for those tasks.
  5. Providing suitable and sufficient training, instruction, information and supervision for the tasks being performed.
  6. Ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that subcontractors are adequately briefed and are competent to carry out the duties and tasks for which they are engaged.
  7. Ensuring that working conditions are safe and healthy.
  8. Ensuring that substances are handled and used in a safe manner.
  9. Providing suitable and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment for the tasks required.
  10. Preventing accidents and illness related to work tasks or environment.
  11. Ensuring that employees are aware of their duties and responsibilities to take reasonable care of their own and others health and safety when carrying out their work tasks and duties.
  12. Regularly reviewing, and where required revising Health and Safety Policies and procedures with professional assistance where required.
    All employees shall be fully briefed on this policy and its attendant procedures

Kent demolition company limited is proud to be a corporate member of the guild of master craftsmen Membership number : A110967